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what's new
Describes what's new on museSpace from 7. May 97 onward.

Discover who I am through the concepts of myself, the personal projects I work on and the letters I write to others.

The muse is an ancient concept, and yet many people have never heard of it. This is my take on what it is to be a muse and how that concept evolves as I grow and change.

There is always an endless list of things I want to do with my life. This is a sampling of some of the ongoing projects in my life, developing who and what I am and expressing that to the world.


To Old Friends - May 1996
A draft of a letter I wrote (but never sent) during a time of great change in my life, just after I found out the company I worked for was merging with one in Silicon Valley. Near the end I start more talking to myself and getting a little extreme, but that's okay. I was in that kind of mood by then.

To Alison - December 1995
A letter I wrote to my friend Alison telling her about the new job I had just gotten designing interactive web sites and the new apartment I was living in. Once again, in the end it sort of drifts off.

To Jessica
A really old letter to my friend Jessica. Re-reading this letter, I must have been having a really, really bad day. Lots of general angst.

A place to be inspired by the words of those who have inspired me or by things I have written to inspire other people.

Here you will find articles that have inspired me and sometimes changed my life in major ways.

We the Wimps
Subtitled "America is losing its edge because Americans have lost their guts." This article has always had a big effect on times I might have "wimped out".

Daydream Believers
Describes research done on fantasy-prone personalities and their ability to be hypnotised.

Body Ritual of the Nacirema
Talks about the peculiar body rituals of this tribe called the Nacirema. Very interesting reading.

These are just random ideas that have been swirling in my head that I felt the need to put down. They don't really fall into any other category.

Prenatal Development
Okay, maybe taking the love/romance question to to technical of a level, but discusses the premise that the amount of sex and/or the quality of romantic involvement during a mother's pregnancy may affect prenatal development, which could lead to differences in hormone levels, relationships, etc. in adulthood.

Bookmark Agent
Having gotten fed up with manually maintaining my bookmark list, I wrote Quarterdeck giving them my wish list for a bookmark agent that would maintain my bookmark list for me. This is that wish list.

Ways to Publicise an Event
Back in university I was publicity director for my theatre group. They gave me a list of ideas. This is that list. It has some good ideas for anyone from someone selling lemonade on the streets to VPs of marketing.

Not my own poems, but poems of other people that I have really liked and believed in.

Just a series of random poems that I thought were particuliarly good. This section contains some of my favourite poems.

D.H. Lawrence
D.H. Lawrence's Pansies just so secinctly describe life in his own sort of cynical, poetical way.

Jim Carroll
I don't know why I like Jim Carroll. He gave a talk at my university several years ago and he's one of the few poets I've ever enjoyed reading their own poetry. But then, that's why he started a band.

These are old poems of an old girlfriend of mine. Filled with angst, some of these are really powerful. She's known in my book as Jen, so I maintain the illusion here.

Plotlines that I've thought up over the years. Feel free to use anything here.

about extremes: serial killing, sexual abuse, drug addiction and death. a man learns to ride the death trip of others and gets addicted. one time the wrong soul returns to the body and the soul must deal with a new body that's addicted to heroin, being chased by police and wants to kill again.

horror story attempting to create a new type of monster, a sort of vampire that lives off of skin instead of blood and does so by using its own skin to eat the skin of its victim. rather long graphic (but poorly written) beginning follows plot.

explores the ideas of a woman and her child being isolated from the world because the culture and language they now live in is foreign to them, while the husband/father becomes more and more corrupted by that society. the ultimate justice and sadness that results.

the age old idea that what we imagine becomes real. in a time when people are beginning to imagine the same thing, imagination takes hold of reality. about the actions the human race took to stop a rift in reality from destroying everything.

a very non-original story about two girls going through adolescense, watching foreign films and discovering their sexuality. nonetheless, its a story that holds something for me.

Inspiring quotes and gathering of quotes, most of which I've written down in notebooks to be referred to in the future.

The Messiah's Handbook
If there's one book of Richard Bach's that you should read, it is Illusions. And if there's one part of this one book you should memorize, it's The Messiah's Handbook.

Quotes, Proverbs and Sayings
Quotes, proverbs and sayings from various sources that I agree with, or feel a kinship with.

From The Notebook of Lazarus Long
I read a lot of Robert Heinlein in my teenage years. He helped to shape many of my philosophies on being independent and being open sexually. Although I don't agree with all of Lazarus Long's philosophies, I still feel a kinship with much of what he says.

Wolfgang van Goethe's Maxims
Goethe's maxims contain that little bit of wisdom for me.

From Truisms and Other Texts
Jenny Holzer has come up with some very interesting comments about life in this really long list of short sentences, or "truisms".

Many authors have inspired me through the years. These are selections from some of the authors that have inspired me greatly.

From The Diary of Anaïs Nin
Anaïs Nin's writings, and in particuliar, her diaries, letters and other personal writings have had a great affect on me for many years. They continue to do so. She is one of the most amazing authors I have ever read.

From Still Life With Woodpecker
Tom Robbins is another amazing author. He renders provocative ideas with long elegant diatribes. Which makes typing quotes in long and painful. But it's worth it. A lot of recent questions I've been asking myself have been reflected in this book and Jitterbug Perfume.

From Fear of Flying
Erica Jong just has some really sharp insights into love and life. Besides being a very liberating book, Fear of Flying has a couple of really cool quotes.

From Beautiful Losers
This selection from Leonard Cohen's book Beautiful Losers contains one slice of the history of the world in a few paragraphs expressed so poetically, someone made it into a song.

From Weaveworld
Another one of those profound little quotes wrapped into the sheets of fiction. Clive Barker has always impressed me as someone with incredible insight, who walks on that other side of life.

The Promise...
From a rave flier. This never inspired me so much as reminded me of a time when I was young and alone and outcast and wanted to believe something similar. There is truth in everything though and this does harmonize with some.

Writing is something I've done on and off for many years now. Read the book I wrote, as well as beginnings to stories I never finished, zines I created and other random bits of writing.

After Becoming a Muse I settled down for a year and a half and didn't do much writing. Finally, I quit my job and went travelling again. Now I alternate between working and travelling. This is the ever-growing diaries of times in my life.

Becoming a Muse is the story of the three year period of my life just after I dropped out of college. It started out as a journal of my travels, soon became a letter to each of my friends, and finally evolved into some form of book. You can read it here both in a hypertext non-linear form and in the traditional linear form.

Just random writings. Some of them may later be incorporated into other things I write, others may not.

Bits 'n Pieces
Random fragments I've written here and there that have meaning for me.

Wandering the dimensions
A time walking among the dimensions at a Crash Worship show in San Francisco.

White Room
A man is locked in a smoothe white room and the isolation slowly drives him insane.

Missing Excerpts
These are sections that would have gone into Becoming a Muse, but were lost until after I had finished the book.

Idea for Life
An art manifesto I wrote back when I was a freshman in college about taking the world around us and making it art. I look back and think it's young and naive, but subconsciously this has affected a lot of my writings.

On a Sunday Afternoon
A memory I recorded years ago of a day I spent on the top of a hill overlooking the city of Troy, New York.

Little piece I wrote a long time ago about the relative reality of vampires, people one might call vampires.

Something I think I must have dreamt one night. It was on a disk somewhere entitled Dreams. I don't remember it though.

Brief little paragraph about a time I passed this girl Monica, who I had a big crush on in our student union back in college.

The Sixties Are Back
This is a funny piece I pulled out of my pile. I wrote it back in 1990 describing how the nineties were going to be like the sixties, but different. Shows how wrong I was.

I always seem to start writings but never get around to finish them. Nonetheless, some of the beginnings I like to read from time to time. So here are the beginnings to some things I never got around to writing. They are open for anyone to finish. If you actually do this, please send me a copy because I'd love to read it.

My interpretation of what it is like to write like James Joyce. If there is joy in writing, it was real fun to write this. And somewhere in there, it does all make sense.

Random stream of consciousness that evolves into more and more typos but contains some grains of truth within. Experiment with continous writing (never letting my fingers stop typing).

Experimentation with describing a normal activity and making it interesting in some way. Somehow I have this reasoning that a good writer should be able to make anything interesting.

Beginning of a weird horror story I never wrote. Affected by the Kabala's sense that the God we worship is not that which created the universe, but that which contains that which created the universe.

Another weird horror story, seeming taking after H.P. Lovecraft in my own mind, but not translating well onto paper.

These are essays I've written, perhaps for a class, perhaps for my own satisfaction. The Evolutionary Literature essay used to be in the Musings section, but I moved it as my conception of what musing is and how this site relates to that changes.

Evolutionary Literature
A fairly recent article I wrote trying to express what I call Evolutionary Literature. That is, literature that evolves depending upon who reads it and how they read it.

Screams and Paint
My term paper from The History fo 20th Century Art. Edvard Munch's Scream has always been an intense painting for me. Francis Bacon seemed to evoke some of this in his work as well.

Musique Concrete
A paper I wrote on musique concrete back in Electronic Arts class in university. An interesting class. We all had to make a musique concrete using tape loops. The next year they moved everything to digital and got rid of all the tape. What a shame.

Back in college, I used to put together a zine that was kind of arty. But looking back, I still like to read most of the stuff that was published in there. These are excerpts of writings from there.

Issue One
Contains writings by Jen Barr and Cathy Heard; exquisite corpses by Cathy Heard, Jen King, Trevor Lohrbeer, Mark Davis and Laura Johnson; and a quote by George Clinton.

Issue Two
Contains writings by Will Coleda, Cathy Heard; and quotes by Anaïs Nin, Dave Sim, Wolfgang van Goethe, Jasper Johns, Henry Miller, Tio Pio, Captain Thomas Smith and the Bible.

Issue Three
Contains writings by Mark Davis, Laura Johnson, Lisa Shapiro, Catherine Connolly and Cathy Heard; exquisite corpses by Jeremy P. Bushnell, Trevor Lohrbeer, Cathy Heard and Mike Barbaro; and quotes by Allison Halleck and Heather Truelove.

Issue Four
Contains writings by Cathy Heard, Lisa Shapiro, Leslie Brown, Prendi, Trevor Lohrbeer, Jeremy P. Bushnell, Matthew Price, Heather Truelove, Abbey Greenbaum and sine | deb; and quotes by Henry Miller, June Miller, Anaïs Nin and The Beatles.

Issue Five
Contains writings by Jake Lavin and Dave Quaglia.

At one time I was called Artiste and drew pictures on the streets. More recently I've reignited the desire to create visual pieces and have been experimenting with computers. View what I have created and some of the techniques I've learned.

Old drawings from when I was travelling around the United States. Most are from the period just after I dropped out of college until just after I arrived in San Francisco for the first time and realised I was not going to make it as a professional artist. Some are from a time on South Street in Philly when I was known as Artiste.

Series 1
Old drawings from when I was travelling around the United States. Most are from the period jsut after I dropped out of college until just after I arrived in San Francisco for the first time and realised I was not going to make it as a professional artist. Some are from a time on South Street in Philly when I was known as Artiste.

Series 2
These are the drawings I was doing in the same period as above, but aren't as colourful as the first series. Some of these I really like, some of them are okay.

Series 3
These are my black and white drawings from the same period. They are all drawn with vine charcoal using a black conte crayon to achieve a really dark black for the times when I needed it. Once again, some of these I like, some aren't so good. The better ones are at the top.

These are more recent explorations I've been doing with paint programs on computers.

Architecture I
Old drawings from when I was travelling around the United States. Most are from the period jsut after I dropped out of college until just after I arrived in San Francisco for the first time and realised I was not going to make it as a professional artist. Some are from a time on South Street in Philly when I was known as Artiste.

tricks & tips
Tricks and tips I've learned from fooling around with Paint Shop Pro that I figured I'd share with others. I always like finding pages like this that tell me how to do things I don't know how to. Except most of the pages out there are for Photoshop.

Making the Border Fade to White

Making the Edges Foggy

Creating an Old Photograph Look

Overexposed Filter

Outline Shift Filter

Notes that I've taken all through my life have been compiled here so that I'll have access to them while I'm on the road. Rife through my stuff if you want, though a lot of the notes will only make complete sense to me.

5 rings
Notes I took while reading the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. This book can be both practical and enlightening, or it can be neither. I liked it.

Talks a little about Musashi and explains background knowledge of Zen, Bushidö and Heihö.

Not many notes here. Quote and definition of two schools.

The Earth Book
Talks about the learning process. The beginning. About what is in this book and what is one should know to undertake the path of Heihö.

The Water Book
Describes various concepts of fighting and Zen.

The Fire Book
Describes the techniques used in fighting another.

The Wind Book
Gives additional wisdom on Heihö and fighting.

The Book of Emptiness
Talks about emptiness and ku, the flow of change and the interconnectedness of form and void.

I'm always interested in finding out for myself what the medical establishment has said about certain subjects. These are a bunch of notes I took while spending a lot of time in a university library.

?????? Stimulant Properties of Addictive Drugs
Taken from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Vitamin E: Introduction to Biochemistry and Health Benefits

????? Turnover of Vitamin B-6 Pools and Vitamin B-6 Requirements of Humans

??????? to the Study of Human Disorders in ??? Ingestion and Body Weight Maintenance

General Notes on MDMA Neuron Depletion

There was a time when I carried around a microcassette recorder and did interviews of people who I thought were interesting. These are a couple interviews from that time.

Beth's Ultimate Fantasy
During an interview with my friend Beth, the topic of her ultimate fantasy came up. This is the transcription of just this part of her interview.

General notes about living an alternative and/or nomadic lifestyle. Information about dealing with cops, getting your squat busted and hobo signs.

Hobo Signs
Hobo signs I copied from a book a long time ago. Through my years travelling I looked for some of these and never saw any. Maybe someday they'll be revived.

When Authorities Come To Your Squat
Some quick notes from a flyer about what to do when various government agencies come to your squat. Written from the perspective of the Lower East Side squatting community in New York City. Use with a grain of salt in other cities.

Talking To The Police or FBI
A general overview of what to do when being questioned by the police or the FBI.

Just random notes I've taken down from time to time.

Scraps of Writing
Little phrases and paragraphs from various notebooks written by people I know and don't know.

Quotes that I wanted to remember, but I didn't think were inspirational enough to put into the Musings section.

Occasionally I go through stages where I'll try remembering and recording my dreams. These are dreams I recorded while on a trip to Europe.

Random Notes
Really, really random notes that I had written down in my notebook.

The links I've compiled here are sort of personal meta-pages to help me organise my ever-increasing bookmark list. I've tried to give my comments of each site, not only for others, but for myself later on.


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