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11. April 1998
  • Created a new section called Interviews under Notes that contains transcripts of interviews I've done with people I've found interesting.

  • Added Beth's Ultimate Fantasy to Notes | Interviews, a transcription of my friend Beth's ultimate S&M fantasy.

  • Created a new section called Alternative under Notes that contains notes regarding alternative/nomadic lifestyles.

  • Added Hobo Signs to Notes | Alternative. These are hobo signs I copied out of a book years ago.

  • Added When Authorities Come To Your Squat to Notes | Alternative. This is a guide on how to deal with different authorities when they come a knocking.

  • Added Talking To The Police or FBI to Notes | Alternative describing what you are legally required to tell the police or the FBI.

  • Updated Zine under Writings to have some basic description of who contributed to each zine and what is online.

  • Added Issue Five under Writings | Zine. This was the last issue of the zine that I never got to putting online.

  • Added Quotes, Proverbs and Sayings to Musings | Quotes. Random quotes, proverbs and sayings that have inspired me.

  • Added From The Notebook of Lazarus Long to Musings | Quotes. Quotes from Robert Heinlein's famous character Lazarus Long.

  • Added Wolfgang van Goethe's Maxims to Musings | Quotes. A select few of van Goethe's maxims that I liked.

18. July 1997
  • Added a letter To Jessica to Profile | Letters. A very angst-ridden letter from a long time ago.

  • Added From Still Life With Woodpecker to Musings | Writings with inspirational quotes about romantic individualism, being an outlaw, the meaning of the moon and how to make love stay.

  • Added Adolescence to Musings | Plotlines about two girls going through adolescence discovering foreign films and each other.

  • Added Bits 'n Pieces to Writings | Random containing various fragments of words that I've written.

23. May 1997
  • Added The Promise... to Musings | Writings. An inspirational piece of writing that perhaps harmonises a bit too closes to the Heaven's Gate people these days, but I like none the less.

  • Added Ways to Publicise an Event to Musings | Ideas listing a whole brainstorm of ways to publicise an event.

  • Added Untitled section to Writings including part one of my continuing diary writings.

  • Added Dreams to Notes | Random describing dreams I recorded while in Europe.

  • Added From Fear of Flying to Musings | Writings containg quotes from Erica Jong's Fear of Flying.

6. May 1997
  • Added this What's New section.

  • Added a Detailed Site Map that maps down to level three of the web site with descriptions of each area.

  • Added Bookmark Agent to Musings | Ideas describing how I would like my bookmark list to be automatically maintained.

  • Updated Projects in Profile to accurately reflect my current projects.